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The May, 2018, event will be Thursday, May 17th, 2018, at 11:00AM or 2:00PM.  JOHNSON COUNTY ART & HERITAGE CENTER - The 1950's all electric house, Kidskape Experience, and traveling exhibitions.  The museum is located at 8788 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, KS 66212.  www.jocogov.org/ffacility/arts-and-heritage-center.

Lunch will follow at the Red Robin, 7111 W 95th St., Overland Park, KS 66212  The guided tour is $4.00 per person.  More into? Contact Doug Weatherman at 816-304-5563 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


We discovered a problem with the online request for new web site registration which has now been corrected.  If you completed a request for registration to our website but never received notification of completion from the board please retry your request.  Sorry for any inconvenience with the delay.

Pictures from the April Spring Luncheon and Meeting have been posted, along with other past events.

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2017 Qtrly Source

The 2017 1st Quarter KCPL "SOURCE" is available - log-in required.  This may be the last "Source" for a while.  They have suspended publication due to other workload during the pending merger.


Sent in by Harold Hurst, one of our members

Medicare Drug Treatment Appeal Procedure

If Medicare will not cover a drug you need, challenge the rejection. Make a note of the drug name and dosage you were prescribed, the name of the pharmacy that declined to fill the prescription and the date on which you tried to fill it. Call your Part D plan, and ask for a coverage determination, which explains the decision in writing---the plan usually has 72 hours to provide one, or you can ask for an expedited 24 hour response. If the plan says the drug is not on its formulary or is restricted in some way, ask for an "exception"--- which your doctor must be willing to back up by saying in writing why this drug and no other is the one you must take. If your doctor's letter does not get you approval, you have 60 days to ask for a "redetermination."  Nearly 80% of initial denials ultimately were approved in 2013  (latest data available).  Kiplinger.com.


Job Opportunity - MCC Electrical Courses

John Littleton, Training and Consulting Manager for Metropolitan Community College has contacted us to see if any of our retirees may be interested in a Full/Part Time teaching opportunity.   More information and his contact details are below.

It has been a pleasure working with the people at KCPL over the years and also having some of the retirees share their expertise with our students.  I am currently looking for instructors in various electrical courses and would like to provide this information to the KCPL PowerParnters members.  The attached indicates Full Time, however we are always looking for those wanting only part time employment as well.

Minimum requirements include either a Bachelor's degree,  Associate with 4 yrs practical experience or High School/QED and  6 yrs of experience in an electrical field.

See the Job Secifications here

If intersted contact:

John Littleton
Training and Consulting Manager
Institute for Workforce Innovation
Metropolitan Community College
1775 Universal Ave
Kansas City, MO ·64120
Office: 816-604-5230
Cell: 816-564-1299
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


1952 KCPL Annual Report Cover

Harold Hurst provided the 1952 Annual Report mentioned at the Benton Exhibit Event.  The cover was of Benton's painting of a lineman.  See cover and inside explanation page below.



KCPL's Customer Newsletter, the Wire

For those of you who are not KCPL customers, here's a link to the company's customer newsletter, the Wire.



Cigna Health Demo and Contact Information

Click with a site that clicks with you (Demo)! As a Cigna member, you have access to services that help you take better care of yourself, improve your health, reduce your out-of-pocket costs, and obtain support when you need it.  Connect with better health and get the most out of these services.  It’s all waiting for you on www.myCigna.com!

  • Find doctors and medical services
  • Manage and track claims
  • See cost estimates for medical procedures
  • Compare quality of care ratings for doctors and hospitals
  • Access a variety of health and wellness tools and resources
  • See how much you can save on your prescription medications when you order online through Cigna Home Delivery PharmacySM

For Cigna member services please contact 1-800-CIGNA24 (1-800-244-6224)


Senior Discounts

A member recently sent a list of Senior Discounts that may be of interest to our members.   Some discounts even start at ages as low as 50-55!   If you would like to see the list, click Here


Computer Security


Just a reminder about computer security. We seem to be in the midst of a new cycle of the email scam where the hackers steal your email address and password then use your email account to send email to everyone in your address book. Your virus protection will not protect protect you from this scam.

Somewhere along the line you might run across a website that offers to send you some valuable information if you will only give them your email address and password. BZZZZZZT The scheme depends on you having a temporary brain freeze, so you actual supply your password. Supplying your email is OK. The worst thing that could happen is that you get a lot of junk mail -- which you can block if you want. When you also supply your password, the scammers can use you account to send advertising to everyone in your address book.

The solution to the problem is easy. Don't supply your email password to anyone.

Now, since I have your attention, you can get FREE virus protection of the usual kind from Microsoft Security Essential. Free download. Free updates. You do need a broadband Internet connection, because of the download volume.





If you get the periodic club emails, you are a member.

If you are not already a member, you can submit your registration information using the new member registration procedure. Click the New Registration button in the horizontal menu at the top of the page. Fill out and submit the form. That will generate an email to the site administrators, and one of them will set up your account. This may take a day or so, so be patient. You should get a verification email when your account is created. If you don't get the verification email, FIRST try the username and password you submitted with your registration. The registration emails have been erratic at times for no reason that we can identify. The most important piece of information is your email address. We can work around any other problems once we have your email address. Without it we are dead in the water.

If you get the club emails, but have forgotten your username and/or password, you can use your email address to retrieve them. Use the "Forgot your password?" and "Forgot your username?" links on the left to retrieve them. If you have forgotten both your username and password, you will have to submit two requests. If things work right, the system will generate an email to your address with the requested information. The reply email should be quick, but delays may occur. If you have not received a reply after twelve hours, send and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it from your registered email address explaining your problem, and an administrator will send you your username and a NEW password. We don't keep a list of your passwords, but we can reset them.

If you have any problems with the site, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

-- Bob Sullivan


Is your anti-virus program up to date?

Many people have been negligent about installing or updating anti-virus protection on their computers. Most Windows computers came with a trial version of an anti-virus program from McAfee or Norton. Both of these programs offer good virus protection if you subscribe to the updating service to keep their virus signature databases updated. Unfortunately, lots of people fail to keep their virus databases updated. Both McAfee and Norton make charges to update the anti-virus databases after the trial period.

There are several good anti-virus programs available for FREE. The article in this link lists several possibilities:


Personally, I use the Microsoft Security Essentials program on all of my Windows computers.


I use this anti-virus program on computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

If you have a broadband Internet connection, there is no reason not to have active, up-to-date virus protection.

-- Bob Sullivan


Retiree Medical Benefits Info

Retiree Medical Benefits:

KCP&L offers medical benefits to certain eligible retirees. Eligible employees receive a packet containing valuable information related to benefits and a retiree medical benefit election form upon retirement. Employees qualifying for retiree medical must elect to commence retiree medical benefits upon retirement, or may commence benefits at a later date with proof of continuous coverage from a group health plan (note: COBRA coverage of active KCP&L medical coverage does not qualify as continuous coverage under a group health plan.). Retirees who later lose such coverage may enroll in the KCP&L retiree medical plan within 30 days of the loss of such coverage with appropriate documentation. In general, retirees on KCP&L retiree health insurance plans cannot drop coverage under the KCP&L plan and reenroll at a later date.

For additional information related to KCP&L retiree medical benefits, please refer to the Summary Plan Description, or contact the KCP&L HR Service Center at (816) 276-5555 with any questions you may have related to eligibility for retiree medical benefits.

Kelly R. Murphy, SPHR | KCP&L Human Resources | 1200 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64105



Welcome to the new website of the POWER Partners (formerly the KCP&L John Lynn Club).

Our new club website will feature the materials the club sends out in periodic mailings, through the JLC Hotline, and lots more.  With the new format, information will not only flow from the club officers and board to you, but you will be able to communicate with them. More importantly, you will be able to talk with other retirees through the Message Board.  We will display club photos in our photo gallery and, once we get a few extra hands to help with administrative tasks, we’ll accept member photos.  We hope out-of-town retirees and those with restricted mobility will be able to keep in touch with their old friends through this website.  If you hear from a retiree who does not participate, take a minute to post a note so others can keep updated.

Currently, the website is under construction. We’re moving up a learning curve to get everything working.  If you know something about web development and are willing to lend a hand your participation will be appreciated.  If you can help out send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How this website develops will depend on you.  Your participation through message posts and questions will set the course the website takes.  It won’t take many active participants to make a lively website, but someone has to do it.  Don’t sit back and wait for others to do the work.  Don’t worry about typing and good spelling.

Any topic within the bounds of good taste is fair game on the message board.  If you have a favorite topic that would be of interest to the group, let us know. We can use discussion leaders.  Recipes? Good restaurants?  Service provider tips? Health tips?  Where do I find it or shopping tips?


One Kansas City Place Visitor Parking information

One Kansas City Place Visitor Parking information [Click]


Firefox Users

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Here's some info on potential part-time jobs

This is for information purposes only. It is not an endorsement by POWER Partners, KCP&L, or GXP. [Click]



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